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How Your Toy Dog Carrier Can Make Traveling With Your Toy Aussie Shepherd A Breeze

Toy Aussies are friendly creatures, which makes them ideal travel companions. They like to socialize and you will notice them wagging their tails at anyone who appreciates them. This is a very amicable trait when it comes to travel, especially if you have a toy dog carrier they’re familiar with.

Before planning your travel, acquainting your Toy Aussie to its dog carrier is necessary. It will give them a sense of safety when traveling and reduces travel anxiety. A dog carrier can make travel and obtaining a permit for in-cabin flight easier. Most airlines will not allow large or medium-sized dogs in the flying cabin. This can be overwhelming for your Toy Aussie, being separated from you in an unfamiliar setting. This is where having their own dog carrier can give them a sense of familiarity and safety.

A dog carrier has multiple benefits during long-distance or short distance travel. Given, that you have chosen the right pet carrier for your Toy Aussie. A dog travel carrier that adheres to the safety requirements of the airline will get you through airline security in a breeze.

A dog carrier can make your life easy by:

1.     Mobile bed

Providing your Toy Aussie with a mobile bed. Dog carriers can double as a kennel/bed for your dog when away from home. If you are at the park and your Toy Aussie needs a little nap or wants a break, a dog carrier can come in handy. Make sure that the size of the carrier is big enough to provide enough space for movement. Proper ventilation is also necessary to keep the dog carrier comfortably breathable for your pet.

2.     Sense of safety

Traveling, especially via air can be overwhelming for your Toy Aussie. If your Toy Aussie is a medium size already, their dog carrier will not fit under the seat near you. This can cause separation anxiety for your Toy Aussie, so a familiar space (their dog carrier) can help reduce that anxiety a great deal. When your Toy Aussie is accustomed to their pet carrier they do not feel displaced and will stay calm throughout the flight.

3.     In-cabin travel

Some airlines will not allow dogs in the cabin. However, airline approved dog carriers can make it easier for you to get an in-cabin flight for your Toy Australian Shepherd. This is because these dog carriers are sturdy and secure for the altitude at which the aircraft travels. This also prevents other passengers from getting irked due to the presence of a dog on the flight.

Bottom line

Dog carriers not only allow your Toy Aussie to travel in style but also makes transporting your dog easier.  They come in handy especially in crowded areas where your Toy Aussie may get anxious. It is a great way to take your fur-baby with you where ever you go. The best part is that dog carriers come in various shapes and sizes. When your Toy Aussie is still small, you can easily carry it in a backpack during road trips. Toy Aussies love sticking their heads out of backpacks and enjoying their time with you.

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