Hey all! I am Stevens and I have always been fond of pets (even though my first dog enjoyed biting me) just about since I was born. So far we have owned some fish, hamsters and a dog. I know the importance of making sure that your pet is being fed and fed properly so not health problems arise in the future. I created this site so that you have a place to come to anytime you want to check out which brands are best for your little friends, what kinds of food you should be looking for and different strategies for whichever kind of pet you may have.

So what about me…. I am 21 years of age, from a small town in Pennsylvania. I enjoy spending time with friends and am always up for playing sports of any sort. I played football volleyball in high school and made some great memories doing so. Currently I am attending Kent State University in hopes of becoming am airline pilot. Flying has always been of very high interest for me and I am having a blast every time I get the chance to take to the skies.

I do not currently have any pets as my apartments wouldn’t allow so, but I one day hope to take home a dog that I can love and look after. Like any new pet owner it will be important to make sure I can provide the best for my own and have the supplies and resources to do so. This will be a great opportunity to learn new information as well as share it with all you so that whatever pets I end up owning will live long and healthy lives!

Feel free to interact with me by leaving comments if you have any questions, concerns or stories of your own to share!

Best Regards