Best Feeding and Water Bowls Your Toy Australian Shepherd

Best Dog Food Bowl and Water Bowl For Your Toy Aussie


Speaking as a Toy Australian Shepherd owner with some experience, an inappropriate dog food bowl chosen in haste will bring awkward results at best and messy results at worst with a confused Toy Aussie who can’t get to their water or dog food bowl without knocking everything over.  So, to avoid floors splashed with water and dog food bits mashed into the carpets, here are a few tips to keep in mind when making the purchase decision for water and dog food bowls.

Make sure the dog food bowl is heavy with a flat bottom


A dog food bowl that is too light or thin will just get knocked over when your Toy Aussie tries to eat or drink.  The same goes with a dog food bowl that’s not flat; the second our precious Toy Aussie sticks their snout in there, it’ll topple over.   If you like constantly mopping and picking up chunks of dog food on a regular basis, by all means, purchase a fancy thin china dog food bowl with a nice round bottom.  If you don’t, then get something more practical.   Your Toy Aussie will also appreciate the easier access to food and drink!

Select a rubber-bottomed ceramic or stainless steel dog food bowl


toy australian shepherd
As mentioned earlier, lightweight plastic or fine bone china simply won’t do for a feisty Toy Aussie.  Heavy ceramic or stainless steel dog food bowls with rubber on the bottom won’t get knocked over as easily and the rubber will stop the dog food bowl from sliding around on the floor or carpet when your dog eats.   Just make sure the dog food bowl you choose is dishwasher safe as you might want to pop it in the dishwasher to get it extra-clean and sanitized.

Get a raised dog food bowl if your Toy Aussie is very old

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Consider purchasing a dog food bowl that is between twelve to eighteen inches high for that long time, family Toy Aussie that has old bones or arthritis.  The action of bending down to eat and drink can cause pain in any dog’s shoulders, neck and back, so a raised dog food bowl may alleviate some of the suffering.   There are many varieties of raised dog food bowls on the market, here is a great example that can keep your Toy Aussie as pain free as possible during meal times.

And speaking of water bowls….


Because we’re on the topic of water bowls, it’s also necessary to consider that if your Toy Aussie is getting a lot of heavy exercise (as all bouncy Toy Aussies should) or has been ill and has lost a lot of electrolytes, water might not be enough to prevent dehydration.  K9 Power GO DOG for Dogs, a sort of puppy Gatorade, is like a sports drink for humans but it contains less salt and is formulated to support muscle function and keep your Toy Aussie’s fluids balanced.  The drink will be very beneficial for dogs involved in physically demanding work like search and rescue, dogs that participate in athletic contests, and Toy Aussies that enjoy a long run on the beach on a hot day.


It’s a well known fact that horse breeders and trainers place electrolytes in horses’ water when the weather is hot or if the animals have been sweating a lot in order to get them to drink more and to replace the electrolytes lost.   A Gatorade-type drink for a very active Toy Aussie makes sense then, so after a long day of physical activity, a bit of K9 Power GO DOG in your Toy Aussie’s nice new heavy, flat rubber-bottomed water bowl will be a perfect way to stay in tip-top shape.

toy australian shepherd

Total Hydration Drink for Dogs! K9 Power GO DOG, is a hydration nutritional supplement for active dogs and is more than just water and carbs. AND it’s not a human sports drink reconfigured for dogs. It’s designed specifically for a dog’s metabolism and features a proprietary blend of electrolytes, short-burst and long-range energy fuels, plus vital buffering agents. These buffers help neutralize performance-robbing metabolic acid (H+) buildup.

K9 Power GO DOG provides the following powerful benefits for your Toy Aussie:


  • Delicious real meat flavor dogs love
  • Enhances exercise tolerance
  • Helps support hydration levels
  • Helps muscle function and fluid balance
  • Training and performance support for exercising muscle
  • Promotes proper glucose metabolism
  • Supports performance and endurance
  • Supports normal cardiovascular, immune and neurological function
  • Supports electrolyte balance
  • Helps maintain normal fluid balance in the blood and tissues
  • Supports normal recovery time after strenuous activity
  • Helps replace fluid lost through excess salivation
  • A clean energy Source – No sugar rush. No crash.
  • Support energy production
  • Go the Distance, and then some – Encourages healthy endurance and stamina.


For more information about K9 Power GO DOG for dogs, check the information here:



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