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January Dog Book Club

Happy New Year!!

So here we are, we made it to 2018.   Was one of your New Year’s Resolutions to read another dog book or two?   If it was and you’re a Toy Australian Shepherd lover then you’ve come to the right place!  This month we have some handy tools and some great stories for you to read and love in our Dog Book Club.

2018 Underwater Puppies Calendar

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Firstly, we thought we’d start off the year with a fun calendar – because who needs to keep better track of their lives??  We certainly do!!  Here’s a funny puppy calendar we thought you might love.  There’s also a variation on dogs too if you prefer the grown up kind.  We know, it’s not really a dog book but the calendars are super cute so we couldn’t resist including them on the list!!

Whether goofy, serene, or hilariously terrifying, Seth Casteel’s remarkable photographs of young pups playing underwater reveal a side to their eyelids, gums, and tongues that one could never have seen on dry land. With their floppy paws and sweet, angelic eyes, there’s an underwater puppy for every month, mood, and inclination. The Underwater Puppies calendar makes a perfect gift for anyone who delights in seeing the unabashed innocence of puppies at play.  Calendar includes Holidays, moon phases, image captions with locations and other information, the highest quality photography and more! Click through to Buy Now from Amazon:


So was your New Year’s Resolution all about taking more time to train your Toy Australian Shepherd?

Well have we got the dog book for you!  The Toy Australian Shepherd breed loves structure in its world. They are the perfect breed to take advantage of the military style of training.
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Learn how to train your dog exactly as the U.S. military trains its canine soldiers. This manual is the Department of Defense’s principle source of information on care, conditioning, and training of our nation’s Military Working Dogs – such as “Cairo,” the canine who served in the raid that killed Bin Laden. From basics, such as “HEEL” and “STAY” to negotiating obstacle courses, to tracking, searching, and even attacking . . . this manual shows readers how our military trains their dogs to be the best trained canines in the world. Contents include: * Veterinary Training Priorities * Principles of Conditioning and Behavior Modification * Patrol Dog Training * Clear Signals Training Method * Deferred Final Response * Detector Dog Training Validation * The Military Working Dog (WMD Program) * Facilities and Equipment * And more… Feel free to check the book out here in Amazon:

Would you prefer a story about a Military Dog?

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Before there was Max, there was Mike. A true story much like the touching movie, Navy SEAL Dogs explores the incomparable relationship between trainer and military dog.
Trident K9 Warriors gave readers an inside look at the SEAL teams’ elite K9 warriors-who they are, how they are trained, and the extreme missions they undertake to save lives. From detecting explosives to eliminating the bad guys, these powerful dogs are also some of the smartest and highest skilled working animals on the planet. Mike Ritland’s job is to train them.

This special edition re-telling presents the dramatic tale of how Ritland discovered his passion and grew up to become the trainer of the nation’s most elite military working dogs. Ritland was a smaller-than-average kid who was often picked-on at school-which led him to spend more time with dogs at a young age. After graduating BUD/S training-the toughest military training in the world-to become a SEAL, he was on combat deployment in Iraq when he saw a military working dog in action and instantly knew he’d found his true calling.

Ritland started his own company to train and supply working and protection dogs for the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, and other clients. He also started the Warrior Dog Foundation to help retired Special Operations dogs live long and happy lives after their service.

This is the true story of how Mike Ritland grew from a skinny, bullied child, to a member of our nation’s most elite SEAL Teams, to the trainer of the world’s most highly skilled K9 warriors. Find this book in Amazon by Clicking this Link:

How About a Dog Book or Four For Kids?


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