Top Ten Things To Help You Decide Whether You Should Keep A Toy Australian Shepherd

Top Ten Things To Help You Decide Whether You Should Take in a Toy Australian Shepherd

If there is one thing to be sure of then it’s this one: no dog is good for everyone. Every breed has different qualities and you need to study the main characteristics of the breeds that interest you to see if they fit with your character and lifestyle. I would like to make this job a bit simpler by underlining the top ten characteristics of the Toy Australian Shepherds and this way making your job easier.

1. Aussies Are Shepherds

You only ever know a shepherd dog once you will have one. These dogs have very outstanding characteristics, as well as intelligence and they have a list of behavior that makes them pretty unique.

2. An extreme need for work

Shepherd dogs are working dogs, work is in their genes. They will try to herd you, the kids the whole family when you are walking. They also need other work-like exercise around the house, so that you keep them busy and entertained. This means a nice constant training which leads to our next point.

3. Aussies need constant company and occupation

If you cannot spend at least half your day actively with your dog, please don’t get a Toy Aussie Shepherd or any shepherd dogs for that matter. These dogs need constant company or they will get bored and start to chew on things, destroy things or even escape if they are in the garden to chase birds, cats, just anything.

4. Toy Australian Shepherds love training

Toy Aussie Shepherds are very intelligent and creative dogs and this also means that they love all your teaching, training such as throwing bones and bringing them back, finding bones or anything that you hide for them. This keeps them happy and active.

5. Aussies can be loud but just for the alert

This breed was created to be alert but never ever aggressive with another human. They will not protect your property but alert you if they sense anything is going on.

6. Toy Australian Shepherd love family

They are big kid lovers and as they are such a cuties surely your kids will cuddle them and love them too, and this is just perfect for a Toy Aussie.

7. Aussies are big dogs in a little dog’s body

No matter the size, the Toy Australian Shepherds behave exactly like their mid-sized bigger relative.

8. Smaller dogs also need less exercise

As Toy Aussies are pretty small, they need about 1-2 hours of intense running or hiking and then they are good, whereas the bigger lines such as the Miniature and the Standard size dogs, would normally need 2-3 hours at a minimum.

9. Aussies are perfect companions for smaller homes

Which logically makes sense as they are little dogs. If their daily supply of outside running and walking is met, they are perfect in small homes as they don’t need much space.

10. Toy Aussies are not lap dogs

Toy Aussies are exactly like the Standard Aussie shepherds in a miniature format, apart from that they are sheep dogs all the same. You cannot have them as inactive lapdogs for a long period of time.

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Things To Help You Decide Whether You Should Take in a Toy Australian Shepherd

  1.  3 years ago

    I like what you say about them loving family. We’re thinking about getting a puppy here in the next couple months. With 3 little ones at home, it sounds like a toy aussie might be the way to go.

  2.  3 years ago

    Good luck with your decision! Having 3 little ones at home will certainly keep a puppy entertained and exercised!

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