Toy Australian Shepherds - Things To Know About This Breed

Toy Australian Shepherds – Things To Know About This Breed

Toy Australian Shepherds, otherwise known as Aussies or Toy Aussies is a breed which is becoming more and more popular in recent times, due to this dog’s cuteness, high intelligence and highly family oriented nature. Here are a few key things to learn about this specific and unique breed.

The Origins of Toy Australian Shepherd

To say a few words about this dog’s origins, funnily the breed is not really originated from Australia, its origins are in Western US when they first came out as an official breed in the 1800s. Of course this is the original standard size dog we are talking about. The work to create smaller alternatives to the Australian Shepherds started in the Sixties when small dogs have become very popular to buy. The breeding process to create the miniature versions included 11 other breeds which range from the Border collie to the Collie. The Toy sized shepherd is the result of this hard work, but contrary to all this breeding these little dogs have managed to keep their character intact: they are not the standard lapdogs some people may imagine they are.

What does ‘Toy’ even mean in this context?

To start things up, I would like to say a few words about the meaning of “Toy” in this breed’s name. Toy is basically used by professional dog breeders to signify a dog’s size, especially when there are multiple sizes of dogs in the same sort of breed. Today, the smallest dogs are referred to as “Teacup” then come the “Toy” which is a size bigger and the “Miniature” which is the biggest in the class of small dogs. However, contrary to the Toy Aussie Shepherd being small, it behaves and looks like its big brother the standard sized Toy Australian Shepherd.

The Characteristics of Toy Australian Shepherds

This breed is no lapdog sort of a breed. The Aussies are shepherds as it’s shown in their names, which means a higher than average need for training, creative activities, working ( herding) and spending active walking time with its owner. Shepherd dogs are highly intelligent and so is the Toy Aussie. They love to learn and they are very person oriented which means, they are no good dogs for those who have a busy lifestyle. They are also not dogs to be kept outside, as they want and need to stay with the family, his or her own herd so to say. These are all key factors in keeping a Toy Aussie happy.

In the US Australian Shepherds are starting to become popular again and there are numerous breeders who have their online site, offering this unique breed’s puppies for responsible dog owners. I would suggest you to get friendly with some people on dog forums to read comments to learn even more on the characteristics of the Toy Aussie Shepherds.

I hope this article serves everyone, who is considering to get a Toy Aussie Shepherd, well.

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