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We’re here to share some information about a relatively rare dog breed called the Toy Australian Shepherd. This family friendly dog breed is relatively unheard of outside of America. If you’re looking for a new family member and you have a little space and time to devote to your new fur baby then you have found the right breed here at the Toy Australian Shepherd Shop.com.

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Toy Australian Shepherd Puppy
Toy Australian Shepherd Puppy

Ancestry of the Toy Australian Shepherd

To make things clear, Toy Australian Shepherds are the same shepherds as the standard size in terms of their characteristics, it is only their size that differs. Therefore, when talking about the origins of this breed, we must start with the origins of the standard size Australian shepherds. This breed was officially bred in the United States, although it’s said that its real origins can be traced back to the breeding work of the Basque country in Western Europe. Whilst some time was spent in Australia, this very intelligent, agile and durable shepherd dog was bred and developed in America. Since then the Australian Shepherds have been used as work dogs and are highly valued by Stockmen. During the 1960’s, when smaller dogs became more popular, breeders started to recreate the standard Aussie shepherds into a smaller form. The breeders have initially integrated 11 different breeds of dogs, in order to create the miniature breed of the Aussie Shepherd. These breeds vary from cupcake to miniature sizes, with “toy” size being right in the middle. This is how the story of today’s Toy Australian Shepherd starts.

Toy Australian Shepherds Characteristics

We are talking about a shepherd dog which means it shares the genes of all shepherd dogs all around the world: this means a very agile, intelligent dog who is used to and wants to work. Being very creative, they need stimulus in their day, to carry things, to herd animals or even people (their family) and they are alert when hearing unfamiliar sounds. The only characteristics that make them different is that they are not as loud than other shepherd dogs. Being very family oriented, a Toy shepherd flourishes in attentive company, it desires lots of love and care. They feel the best in a loving family circle, in a house with a garden, with access to both inside and outside as desired. They need walking, running activities and lots of games but strictly in the company of their owner and immediate family. These dogs are not a great fit for people who are not at home or have an otherwise busy lifestyle.

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Toy Australian Shepherd Home Care

Toy Australian Shepherds have nice curly hair but it’s not too long that you need to constantly have the hair cut. It doesn’t need lots of grooming products either. If they are combed once a week that’s more than enough. They shed their hair twice a year so they’re pretty standard when compared to other dogs.

Toy Australian Shepherd is a breed that has been around since the 1970’s, however it is only now starting to gain attention again from potential new owners.

Key Characteristics and Origins

First, let’s share a little bit of information on the breed itself. Toy Aussies are still considered rare today, as the breed is relatively young and not as well known as other lapdog breeds. Essentially, the personality characteristics of a Toy Australian Shepherd simply don’t lend themselves to actually be a lapdog. Toy Shepherds have the personality and temperament of normal sized shepherds: this means they are very intelligent work dogs that to be exercised and challenged every day in order for them to live a fulfilled and happy life. Luckily these dog aren’t generally naughty if you can spend some quality time with them. If you’re an avid walker, hiker or runner (or you want to be), this dog will be your perfect partner!. Aussies are extremely family-oriented dogs, they love to be in company, love to travel and love a good walk and run on the beach too.

An interesting fact: This breed originates from the United States (despite its name) and this is still where it’s the most well known.

Toy Australian Shepherd Playing Games
Toy Australian Shepherd Playing Games

The Best Type Of Home For A Toy Aussie Shepherds

The best sort of home for a Toy Australian Shepherd is a home where they’re loved unconditionally. Who doesn’t love their fur babies? What you’ll need to provide is some quality time, the Toy Australian Shepherd breed loves being outdoors so Apartment living is probably a no go. They thrive in a household where there is an owner home to give them love and attention all throughout the day. You will then be able to keep your Toy Australian Shepherd active with exercises, play, love and attention. This is how to keep this breed very happy.

Toy Australian Shepherds have light wavy hair which is not too long, therefore they don’t need too much grooming to keep them looking good and their coat shiny and healthy. At first glance, you can see the shared genetic heritage with the Border Collie breed. The Toy Australian Shepherd breed of dogs are normally multi-colored with black, white and red being the most prominent colors. It’s interesting that note that when talking about a full-blood Australian Shepherd, the “color patches” are not dotted or faded by stripes or other clear patterns.

Durability and Breed – Specific Illnesses

Before deciding to get a cute, intelligent Toy Australian Shepherd as a new family member, please consider that these clever little dogs thrive when they have a constant companion providing them with exercise, love and attention. You should only take on the responsibility if you can devote the time and attention needed. On the plus side, your Toy Australian Shepherd puppy or dog will give you all the love and attention you need too! Good luck with your decision.